About Us

LiveAir is an organisation which represents stakeholders in the live export of Livestock process.
Liveair was originally founded to provide support in aspects of regulation and formulation of Standards. It has played a vital part in the construction and revision of the standards for airfreight as contained in the Australian Standards for the export of Livestock.

Liveair is concerned about the seemingly excessive burden of regulation and the effects this has on the viability of the industry. This drives the organisation to assist where ever it can in the mitigation of risk and the maintaining a high degree of animal welfare.

LiveAir cooperates with other industry based Livestock export organisations such as LiveCorp, the Australian livestock exporters Council and Meat and Livestock Australia. It regularly communications with the regulators chiefly the Commonwealth Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (DAFF).

LiveAir is an Incorporated association with a Chair, secretary/treasurer and a committee of three. all of which are elected each year at an Annual general meeting. Meetings are usually held as required but generally twice a year.

Membership is open to all stakeholders of the Livestock export by Air industry with membership dues set in this current year (2013-14) at $500.