Airlines Aircraft and Airfields


There are many airlines out of Australia that can take Livestock. Most operate out of Sydney, Melbourne Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth. These include:

QANTAS Freight
China Southern

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Aircraft types include:

Boeing 737, 747 400, 777

Airbus A320, A330. A380


Most airlines have a standard freight route eg. SYDNEY, SHANGHAI, TOKYO, LOS ANGELES-SYDNEY. These can be utilised for small loads where the laods can be shared. This is the most economical way to do it however you should be aware of the risk of other cargoes to your animals. Large pallets of stationery cargo may hamper ventilation to your livestock.

For larger loads a full charter can be obtained on negotiation. A full charter can go anywhere provided the airport can handle the aircraft type and there are adequate facilities to unload the livestock. There can be international limitations on some airlines  and inquiries with the airlines should be made.


Livestock is considered to be a profitable business for freighter airlines.

There are risks to airlines in damage to aircraft if crates collapse and animals are free inside the aircraft or animal urine or excrement is not contained within the crate.

These risks are handled by the crate design and the watchful eye of the exporter in applying crate wrapping.

Crates which are designed according to Standards are stronger and better able to contain excrement. Also the ventilation for the crate is satisfactory for the animal(s) contained

There can be issues with ventilation of the aircraft. It has happened that the wrong aircraft have arrived for a charter not having sufficient ventilation to ensure the livestock survive the trip.

Exporters should produce a risk management plan as detailed in the software LATSA

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