DAFF Increase in Charges

LiveAir have been very concerned regarding the ever increasing charges for DAFF inspections. It is LiveAir’s view that these charges are excessive and unfair particularly for the airfreight sector.

Along with ALEC LiveAir was asked to comment on the proposal to increase the fees which we did – Response to CRIS

Following our submission we received a letter acknowledging our input but failing to address our main concerns and that was the inefficiency of the inspection system and the impost on industry. VERY shortly after the Export Advisory notice was issued with the fee request

LAE – Export Advisory Notice – Fee Change 1 July 2014

We believe this response to be ill conceived on the part of DAFF and LiveAir will continue to fight for a fairer system of regulatory charges. A committee meeting is scheduled this month to update our strategies to handle this issuecialis black 800mg information

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