LiveAir Policy Document

LiveAir Policy Document

November 2013


This document will outline the basic tenures of Liveair. Such a policy document is open to ratification by Liveair members and will be considered draft until full membership agreement on its content is reached

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Policy 1.

Liveair is committed to reducing fees for regulation of air freight live export. The industry is hampered by two issues with fees.

  1. Monetary value
  2. Inability to predict fees for each load leaving Australia

With regard to monetary value, air freight has always been regarded as the low risk alternative to livestock export but is treated as a higher risk to sea freight. This is reflected in the use of a time based charge for DAFF on airfreight.

Liveair will perform all in its limited power to design systems and checks which give the regulator the confidence levels required to lower the amount of inspection involved. Once this is achieved the industry will be in a position to agree with the regulator standard rates so an exporter can predict a fee and include that fee in the costings of the consignment rather than having to estimate a likely fee.


Policy 2

LiveAir needs to be a body fairly representing the interests of air exporters. This stance was taken in 2008 when Liveair was established to differentiate the air export process and its inherent risks and process from the sea freight export which at the time was under greater scrutiny from the general public and regulators.

One of the main factors was the use of the standards and ensuring restrictions placed on sea freight did not flow over on to airfreight.

It is also recognised that the technology and system requirements behind airfreight are quite different to sea freight and the ability to understand this does not always reside with the regulators or indeed groups such as ALEC and Livecorp.

Hence liveair needs to be the repository of systems and technology specifically for airfreight. Such information and expertise will reside in the members of liveair.

LiveAir therefore needs to have a membership of the majority of the airfreight exporters and in doing so must ensure LiveAir gives its members value for money.


Policy 3

LiveAir will continue to push for greater responsibility for risk management with the exporter and less for the Regulators particularly at airport and terminal. This will mean the construction and implementation of a risk management QA system which will be independently audited to give credibility.

Such a system will be designed to ensure savings in regulation are realised and the replacement QA system will not seriously erode these savings. i.e. there will be a net saving for the exporter.

As the costs of design and implementation of such a system will borne by Liveair, the system will be exclusively for LiveAir members.. Such a system will not cover any ESCAS requirements which are being negotiated by ALEC.


Policy 4

LiveAir will continue to offer membership to all sections of the air freight industry including all stakeholders such as Crate Manufacturers, transporters, specialist freight forwarders. Where possible contacts will be made with airlines and carriers. LiveAir will endeavour to overcome problems with Airlines becoming involved due to possible legal ramifications following allegations of collusion with fuel pricing.


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